Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training


Todd consults with attorneys and clients including the following services

Trial Consulting Services

Arguments - Work with attorneys to think through and construct the opening statement, arguments, case theories and a compelling story.
Communication - is the jury hearing and understanding what you think you're saying? Is your story winning?
Independent case evaluations - an independent evaluation cases for settlement.
Decision trees - Works with counsel to create decision trees as a tool to help counsel think though a case, identify key issues and evaluate risks and settlement values.

Case Consulting Examples
These are the largest cases Mr. Winegar has consulted on, he consults on cases of all sizes as well.

Plaintiff’s class action case that settled for 44 million. Critiqued opening statement and worked on case story, created decision tree on case issues to evaluate for settlement, consulted on arguments and communication strategies.

Plaintiff’s legal malpractice case that settled for 25 million. Consulted on arguments, communication and settlement strategy.

Defense class action with a potential billion dollars in damages. Consulted on arguments, trial strategy and case evaluation. Mock jury trial and evaluation of results.

When asked to consult on a patent case with a billion dollars in damages, general counsel said regarding one of the nation’s largest law firms: ’the attorneys are not going to like this, but I’m the client and we need a review before trial of communication strategy and whether it really connects with the jury.