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  The Massie case
Perhaps the most unusual case in American jurisprudence.

 The Story - A framework for argument.
 Effective Arguments - A survey of jury studies.  What makes an argument effective?
 Fifteen Rules to create great arguments.
Leopold and Loeb; The Scopes case
Classic arguments and structures used by Demosthenes, Plato, Cicero, Shakespeare, Lincoln & Daniel Webster.
 Categories of arguments
    The Greeks - Logos, ethos, pathos
    The three most powerful arguments
    Implicit Arguments
 The importance of counterarguments
 Organizing arguments
 Great closings
The Sweet case
Overcoming bias and prejudice.
 Ethics and discrimination
 Untenable tactics
Writing Arguments
 From pen to paper to perfection
 The felonies and misdemeanors of writing
 The Brandeis Brief - steps to an "A" brief
The Ethics of Arguments
 The law of closing and opening
 Unethical arguments
 Borderline arguments
 Sympathy and jury nullification

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