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Watch and Learn from the Masters themselves -
Socrates, Caesar, Lincoln
and more.
History's greatest will teach you powerful techniques to use in your own trial, negotiations and practice.
6 to 7 CLE Credits including 1 hr of Ethics



Bring Your Advocacy Alive with Tried & True Tips
Learned Through History

Socrate's Trial
His are among the greatest speeches ever delivered. His Socratic method is a key to leading witnesses to truth.

Galileo's Trial

Science and Truth
v. Human Nature

Caesar and Cicero

Learn how to use Cicero's universal organization of a speech for your next opening, brief, or even a letter.

Rump Parliament v. Charles l     

In the clash of the divine right of kings, Charles I was beheaded after trial by Parliament.



He is the undisputed master of precise English. Listen to excerpts of Lincoln's only transcribed trial and a recreation of his famous "Almanac Trial".
The Salem Witch Trials
These trials changed the history of modern law. See the difficult time the human mind has with causation.
Bush v. Gore

Two men, each with some legitimacy, claimed title to "The World's Most Powerful Man". The rule of the law or merely the rule of men and women? Will it stand the test of time?

Course Materials

Each registrant will receive Ultimate Discovery Notebook.

The Ultimate Discovery Notebook contains 37 sections of checklists, outlines, and forms to assist you with depositions and discovery every day.

It has material on video depositions, discovery of electronic documents, correct objections in depositions, and actual question outlines for common depositions, including experts such as the economist, the treating physician and the accident reconstructionist.


Comments from
Past Registrants:

Mr. Winegar combines the History Channel and the Discovery
Channel with trial advocacy class.”

“Just outstanding!”

“Step by step instructions with
terrific real life illustrations!”


 Attend to:

 See cutting edge strategy and techniques
 illustrated by the finest historical examples.

 Learn to construct effective arguments every    
 day, in every memorandum, negotiation
 and oral argument.

 Receive the Ultimate Discovery Notebook -
   with comprehensive checklists that can  
   change your practice.


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