Learn from the best and brightest to ever walk the face of this earth.

Leadership is as complex as life, yet its principles are simple and certain.  It is the most desired set of skills.  Find the perfect leader and the world will follow.


Leadership Is: Success, by Creating Change

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." Winston Churchill


Chapter 1. 

George Washington - Great leaders create themselves, they are not born to greatness


Chapter 2. 

The Three Factors of Leadership

            Rome found there were three factors to success. 

1.      Discipline.

2.      Skills

3.      Passion.


Chapter 3.

Factor 1: DISCIPLINE  - Thomas A. Edison

"Get the right things done." Peter Drucker


Chapter 4.

Discipline is Executing a Plan - Boudica, Queen of Iceni


Chapter 5.

Factor 2: SKILLS Theodore Roosevelt


Chapter 6.

Skill 1.  Leaders Develop Power Napoleon Bonaparte

Without power, no one will follow. 

        Six kinds of power


Chapter 7.

Skill 2.  Leaders Find and Deal with Reality Isaac Newton

Actions taken on false information are doomed to fail. 

        Balderdash (speculation in the guise of fact, partial truth) is endemic

        We shape our own reality " we believe our biased perceptions

        Steps to finding reality

        Overcoming the 'yes-man' syndrome


Chapter 8. 

Skill 3.  Leaders Create Teamwork Abraham Lincoln

The lone wolf does not survive in a world of packs

        Task leaders (get the job done)

        People leaders (feel good about the task and team)

        Put people where they can shine

o       The seven IQs

o       EQ temperament, attitude, people skills

        Common goals and common values

        Team Trust, team culture


Chapter 9.

Skill 4. Leaders Create Relationships � Julius Caesar

Relationships create power, give access to people and resources, and create teamwork

Creating relationships

        Reciprocity - the emotional bank

        Networking, meet and pay attention to a wide range of people

        Grooming we set expectations of what we want in a relationship

        Appreciation the most powerful principle


Chapter 10.

Skill 5.  Leaders Understand and Use Human Nature Mohandas Gandhi

Don't fight mother nature, use her

Chapter 11.

Skill 6. Leaders Make Good Decisions Hannibal Barca

Destiny is a series of decisions.


Chapter 12.

Skill 7.  Leaders Have Character Thomas Moore

Warren Buffet:  "I want all my employees to be honest, hard working and smart.  And if they're not honest, I hope they're lazy and dumb."


Chapter 13. 

Skill 8.  Leaders Communicate - Demosthenes


Chapter 14.

Skill 9.  Leaders Create a Vision T. E. Lawrence

Others see what is, a leader sees what can be.  Of the original great companies on the Dow Jones, only one, General Electric, survives.  Why?  They became powerful, arrogant, complacent, and lost their forward vision to change.  Instead, they began to defend yesterday�s products and profits. 


Chapter 15.

Skill 10.  Leaders are Creative � Albert Einstein

There's a better way to do it.  Find it. Edison


Chapter 16.

Skill 11.  Leaders are Wise Winston Churchill

 Winston Churchill: "True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information."


Chapter 17.

Skill 12.  Leaders Control Machiavellian Behavior Niccolo Machiavelli

 "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton


Chapter 18.

The Twelve Skills are Interrelated


Chapter 19.

Factor 3:  Passion Susan Anthony

Passion creates excellence and money cannot buy passion, you must create it


Chapter 20.  The Maestro - Example

"Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other."; Edmund Burke