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  Legal Persuasion: Lessons from Advertisers
  - A Framework for Understanding Persuasion People ALWAYS act in their PERCEIVED self interest
  ● Changing Perception - a key to persuasion
Meeting psychological needs
  ● A conundrum of need conflicts
● The human mind focuses on the immediate
● Appealing to each of the three brains
● Group needs - the sheep gene, obedience to authority, the tribal gene

Short cuts - personalization, association, visualization, story and reason
- Understanding your decision maker
  - Deciphering Arguments
  ● You must do it, here is a method to the madness
● Implied arguments, code words
● Separating logic, reason and spin
● Stephen Toulmin's system for analyzing legal arguments
Lawyers and Persuasion Ethics - When Law and Persuasion have Failed
Democracy's poor history of survival
  - Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of Persuasion
  ● Deciphering the great propaganda film, "Triumph of the Will"
  - Difficult Cases and Clients
  ● Brainwashing and propaganda principles
● WWII - virtually no U.S. soldiers collaborated with the enemy; Korean War - more than 90% collaborated.  The "step-by-step" process
Communication and Persuasion: Oral Advocacy
- "I was president because of Robert Redford." Jimmy Carter
  ● Persuasion is more than facts, it's how they are communicated
  - Small changes make big differences
- Expectations change perceptions of who's winning
- Wordsmithing - the power of one word
- Implicit and explicit arguments
  - Large group persuasion - platform communication skills
● Non-verbal communication - gesture, expression, posture
● Voice, your instrument of persuasion
  - Heuristics - mental devices we all use when the problem is too complex
- Small group persuasion - personal communication skills
  - Mistakes
● Mistakes are overemphasized - capitalizing and recovering

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