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Learn strategy and techniques from Napoleon - one of history's greatest generals,
Andrew Jackson - won the battle of New Orleans - one of modern history's most lopsided,
Sun Tzu -  the grandfather of strategy,
 and Caesar - one of the most gifted men to walk the earth.
6 CLE Credits including 1/2 hr of Ethics



An Ethical Look at Trial Strategy, Tactics,
and Techniques

 Remember the Alamo! - Winning the battle can lose the war.
  "Another victory like this, and we shall have no army left!"

Santa Anna's Aide   

  When going easy on the witness is the best tactic.
 Lessons from Lincoln
  Lincoln, Commander-in-chief during the civil war. Hear recreations of excerpts of both direct and cross-examinations from his only trial to be transcribed, shortly before becoming president.
  Learn the importance of focusing your exams.
 The Qualities Successful Generals (and Attorneys) Must Have
  "There is no general who has not heard of these five matters. Thos who master them win. Those who do not are defeated."

Sun Tzu   

 The Qualities Successful Generals (and Attorneys) Must Not Have
  "The ruin of the army is the inevitable result of these shortcomings. They must be deeply pondered."

Sun Tzu   

 Gaming Theory in War and Trial
  Dr. Simon's gaming theory applied to trial. You may be surprised by what the results recommend about your trial strategy.
 Technology Wins Battles, and Trials
  The discovery of electronic documents, e-mail, voice-mail in the information age.

Case law on what to ask for, what you must produce.

 Changing Plans
  If you're short of everything but the enemy, you are in trial.
 Guerilla Warfare
Dealing with the losing trial.

Trial and The Art of War
combines a study of strategy
from history's greatest strategists Hannibal, Caesar, and Napoleon,
with examples from America's greatest trials and trial lawyers.



Past registrants say:

“Todd gives the best CLE ever. A must for every litigator.”
Lt. Col. Daugerty, United States Marine Corp.
Prosecutor - Aviation A-4 Court Marshall.

“A fascinating look at millennia of analyzation”



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