Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training
Tip of the Tongue Trial Objections

"One of two items I keep on my bench."

- Federal Judge in Texas

$19.00 + s/h

A laminated, color-coded, four sheet guide to keep trial objection on 'the tip of your tongue.'  The objections are based on, and have references to, the Federal Rules of Evidence.  Organized by trial order (objections to jury, objections to questions, objections to documents, etc.)  "Tip of the Tongue" makes finding the right objection easy.

Major sections include: Objections to Jury; Objections to Opening/Closing; Objections to Witnesses; Objections to Questions; Objections to Documents; Objections to Testimony; Habit and Character Testimony; Objections to Cross; Impeachment by Reputation, Opinion, Conduct, or Conviction; Objections to Experts; Objections to Hearsay; Defending Objections to your Evidence.

Color-coding includes: Red - is not admissible; Yellow - Judicial discretion; green - admissible; blue-green - is admissible if conditions are met.