Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training

There can be no better education- And entertainment � than to be seated in the front row of the Los Angeles County Court House on August 15, 1912, as Clarence Darrow,
America�s greatest trial attorney, rises to give his most memorable closing argument.
Now You have that front row seat. Listen, learn and enjoy!
6 to 7 CLE Credits including 1 hr of Ethics



Learn from Watching the Masters!

 Clarence Darrow - America's greatest trial lawyer
  • Hear his finest closing argument in The People v.
    Clarence Darrow
  • Understand his cunning trial theme in the Scopes Monkey Trial
 Nuremburg War Trials
  • Watch U.S. Supreme court Justice Jackson spar with Hitler's Reich Marshall Goring
 The O.J. Case
  • See F. Lee Bailey break the most basic rules of cross -
    and prosper
  • Witness how winning the battle loses the war
 Rosenberg A-Bomb Trial
  • Roy Cohn (of McCarthy hearing fame) assists in prosecuting the most valuable spy secret of all time
 Leopold and Loeb
  • The first thrill killing. See the innovative defense that changed the law - insanity was not "all or nothing".
 Attend to:
  • Enjoy entertaining top courtroom drama - this unforgettable course is not just for litigators
  • Examine the specific techniques used in the century's top trials - which you can easily adapt.
  • Receive The Ultimate Trial Notebook - with comprehensive check lists that get results.

Course Materials

Each registrant receives the workbook Trials of the Century and the Ultimate Trial Notebook. The Ultimate Trial Notebook is a binder of checklists and advice to use every time you appear in court or write a memorandum. It will be a valuable desk reference for the rest of your career.

Includes chapters such as: ● Opening Statement ● Pre-trial Checklist ● Writing Checklist ● Witness Preparation ● Closing Argument ● Cross-Examination ● Direct Examination ● Trial Forms � and much more.


Past registrants say:

�The best CLE I�ve ever attended.�

�On a scale of 1-10 Mr. Winegar is an 11.�

�Todd is on a par with Irving Younger.�