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There can be no better education- And entertainment – than to be seated in the front row of the Los Angeles County Court House on August 15, 1912, as Clarence Darrow,
America’s greatest trial attorney, rises to give his most memorable closing argument.
Now You have that front row seat. Listen, learn and enjoy!
6 to 7 CLE Credits including 1 hr of Ethics



Learn from Watching the Masters!

 Clarence Darrow - America's greatest trial lawyer
  • Hear his finest closing argument in The People v.
    Clarence Darrow
  • Understand his cunning trial theme in the Scopes Monkey Trial
 Nuremburg War Trials
  • Watch U.S. Supreme court Justice Jackson spar with Hitler's Reich Marshall Goring
 The O.J. Case
  • See F. Lee Bailey break the most basic rules of cross -
    and prosper
  • Witness how winning the battle loses the war
 Rosenberg A-Bomb Trial
  • Roy Cohn (of McCarthy hearing fame) assists in prosecuting the most valuable spy secret of all time
 Leopold and Loeb
  • The first thrill killing. See the innovative defense that changed the law - insanity was not "all or nothing".
 Attend to:
  • Enjoy entertaining top courtroom drama - this unforgettable course is not just for litigators
  • Examine the specific techniques used in the century's top trials - which you can easily adapt.
  • Receive The Ultimate Trial Notebook - with comprehensive check lists that get results.

Course Materials

Each registrant receives the workbook Trials of the Century and the Ultimate Trial Notebook. The Ultimate Trial Notebook is a binder of checklists and advice to use every time you appear in court or write a memorandum. It will be a valuable desk reference for the rest of your career.

Includes chapters such as: ● Opening Statement ● Pre-trial Checklist ● Writing Checklist ● Witness Preparation ● Closing Argument ● Cross-Examination ● Direct Examination ● Trial Forms – and much more.


Past registrants say:

“The best CLE I’ve ever attended.”

“On a scale of 1-10 Mr. Winegar is an 11.”

“Todd is on a par with Irving Younger.”



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