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Trials of the Century II has more great trials, more actual video and transcripts,
all illustrating the techniques of examining and deposing witnesses
- usually THE major part of every litigator's practice.


95% of cases settle, so your deposition or interview IS the trial.

Your success depends on asking
the right questions, in the right way.

 Learn questioning techniques, including -

    Brick by Brick:
Alone each piece is weak or meaningless
Together they form a solid wall of evidence
    The Art of the Question - the 12 rules
    The five types of questions - and when to use each
    The "Room Method" of deposing and interviewing - get all the info
    Asking the important "coulda, woulda, shoulda" questions
    101 Great Deposition/ Examination Tips
    Can you spot the liar? Understand the indications of a liar,
       then watch an actual experiment and vote

 Join Us and Experience:
A fascinating look at what history teaches us about deposing witnesses

The specific techniques used in the century's top trials - which you can easily adopt

Learning how to improve your deposition and trial examination techniques

Course Materials

Each registrant will receive the deposition workbook, 101 Deposition Tips and the Ultimate Discovery Notebook. The Ultimate Discovery Notebook contains 37 sections of checklists, outlines, and forms to assist you with depositions and discovery every day.

It has material on video depositions, discovery of electronic documents, correct objections in depositions, and actual question outlines for common depositions, including experts such as the economist, the treating physician and the accident reconstructionist.


Comments from
Trials of the Century
past registrants:

“I can't improve on perfection.
I love Todd's historical vignettes.”

“Best CLE course I've ever attended -
by far! Everyone seemed so interested!”

“Terrific program, great delivery!
A rare treat. Thanks!”


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