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8:30 12:00 Paula Jones v. President Clinton
  The only sitting president ever deposed.
  Watch the president's grand jury testimony -
   world class attorneys show how to depose a witness - and how not to
  Dealing with the hyper-technical witness
  Tying down evasive answers
Chicago Seven -
Likely the most unusual trial of the century
  Defendant's attorney sentenced to 4 years for contempt
  Trial and ethics
12:00 1:00 Lunch
1:00 4:00 Ted Bundy - Bright law student/notorious serial killer
  How to peg the liar
  Getting into the deponent's psyche
  Credibility in examinations
  Watch Bundy's death watch interview and warning to society
Watergate -
The scandal that changed the world
  Listen to Oval Office tapes - "a cancer is growing on the presidency"
  The Senate Watergate hearings
  Victory is in the documents!
  Investigation makes the examination
 Includes one hour of ethics (11:00 am - 12:00 noon)
  The 13 Easiest Ways to Meet Your Disciplinary Committee
  Recent ABA Ethical Opinions
  Double Dipping - Charging travel time on the plane or car to one client, while working for a second. Ethical???
  Unbeknownst to you, your computer consultant also consults with other law firms. An ethical problem???
  Can you use your email and cell phone with the same ethical security confidence as other communications?
The answer is yes to one, no to the other!

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