Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training

Persuasion is the core skill in trials, negotiations, motions, briefs, and appeals. However, there are very few opportunities for busy, experienced trial lawyers
to learn proven advanced persuasion and advocacy skill.
In the high stakes environment of the courtroom, you don't want to take any chances, and jury consultants and focus groups are expensive and not appropriate in every case. if you want to be consistently more persuasive, you need to do more than simply follow your instincts.

Find out how your jurors, judges, witnesses, and
   lawyers learn and recall information
Recognize which jurors will dominate deliberations
Choose the right approach to persuade the hostile
    juror, judge, or lawyer
Acquire techniques of advanced trial persuasion:
   the art and science of obtaining results

Past registrants say:

"The best seminar I've ever attended."

"The most pleasant Monday I've spent in a very long time."

 "I wish our transactional attorneys would take this.  They go to a beauty contest and basically say: 'Hire me because I'm the smartest attorney in town.'  They never realize the client doesn't care who's the smartest attorney in town."

"Superb course, very helpful."


Course Materials

Each registrant receives "The Power to Persuade"
 - a booklet that describes three thousand years of persuasion theory and practice. It contains techniques to improve your results in trials, negotiations, mediations and more.

 - and "Tip of the Tongue Trial Objections" - a four page color-coded guide to objections under the Federal Rules of Evidence.