Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training
What the Press says about Todd Winegar.

Todd Winegar
gives some of the highest rated programs to one of the world's most demanding audiences - American Trial lawyers. They are not a group hesitant to criticize, yet as one client said:

"Congratulations, you're our highest rated speaker ever.
Every attorney but one gave you the highest rating."

New Jersey Bar - ICLE

His programs are not only educational, but entertaining as well. As one attorney in Philadelphia described:

"Combines the Discovery Channel with CLE. Outstanding!"

Todd's approach is unique in that the most famous trials ever are used as examples. You see actual trial footage and verbatim recreations from transcripts. It allows you to emulate some of the greatest techniques ever developed, and avoid some of the greatest mistakes ever made. It also makes for very good entertainment.

Todd also presents a very information and practical leadership training seminar. The leadership program was first developed for and presented at Wharton Business School. Learn the secrets of leadership from the best and brightest to ever walk the face of this earth.

Todd is a dynamic speaker and practicing attorney who emphasizes civil trial litigation. He has been involved in some of the larger cases in his home state. His experience includes professional malpractice on both the plaintiff and defense side, product liability actions involving para and quadriplegia, and a Minuteman missile accident.

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