Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training
The Ultimate Discovery Notebook


$105.00 + s/h
Sections Include:

Preparing to Depose: Federal Discovery Rules; Discovery Plan; Interviewing; Mandatory Disclosure; Deposition Decision; Documents; Electronic Documents; Document Control; Documents in Depositions; Pre-Deposition; Deposition Notice; Strategy;

 In Deposition: Artful Questioning; Attorney-Client Privilege; Work-Product Doctrine; Video/Audio/Telephone Depositions; During Depositions; Objections; Defending Depositions; Expert Depositions; Post Deposition; Sanctions; Drugs and Alcohol; Language of the Law;

Specific Depositions: Records Deposition; Lay Witness; Eye Witness; Auto Accident - Plaintiff; Investigating Officer; Damage Witness; Auto Accident - Defendant; Treating Physician; General Expert; Economist; Accident Reconstructionist