Todd Winegar - CLE Speaker, Leadership Training
The Ultimate Trial Notebook

"The best CLE handout ever."

- President of New Hampshire Bar

"It's malpractice to try a case without Winegar's Ultimate Trial Notebook.  Unfortunately, I've malpracticed for years."

-Name withheld for obvious reasons

$95.00 + s/h
Trial is too complex for an attorney to keep the necessary information in the front of her or his mind.

The Ultimate Trial Notebook is a superb set of checklists and summaries to aid in preparing each trial.

The 260 pages of sections include: Pretrial; Trial Theme; Voir Dire; Opening; Evidence; Direct; Cross; Closing; Language of the Law; and Trial Almanac

Language of the Law: Traditional wording used for common items such as entering a document into evidence.

Trial Almanac: A compendium of information you sometimes need, such as temperature conversions, weights and measurements, medical abbreviations, etc.

The notebook also contains a set of tabs to help you organize your next trial.